Zanussi Dryer Troubleshooting

Zanussi dryer troubleshooting

Zanussi dryer problem can trouble any user who faced it for the first time. But in fact it shouldn’t be this way because there is always a solution waiting for you. In the case with the Zanussi dryer it is the specific troubleshooting guide which has been created especially for such difficult users. Doubts are useless, because it really works in most cases.

Zanussi ZKG 7143 Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible cause/Solution
There is water on the floor:Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent (creates too much foam) has been used.
■ Reduce the detergent quantity or use another one.
Check whether there are any leaks from one of the inlet hose fittings. It is not always easy to see this as the water runs down the hose; check to see if it is damp.
■ Check the water inlet hose connection.
The drain or inlet hose is damaged.
■ Replace it with a new one.
The filter has not been properly screwed in after cleaning action.
■ Screw the filter fully in.
Unsatisfactory washing results:Too little detergent or unsuitable detergent has been used.
■ Increase the detergent quantity or use another one. Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to washing.
■ Use commercial products to treat the stubborn stains. The correct temperature was not selected.
■ Check if you have selected the correct temperature. Excessive laundry load.
■ Reduce the laundry load.
The door will not open:The programme is still running.
■ Wait the end of washing cycle.
The door lock has not been released.
■ Wait until the door is released.
There is water in the drum.
■ Select drain or spin programme to empty out the water.
The machine vibrates is noisy:The transit bolts and packing have not been removed.
■ Check the correct installation of the appliance.
The support feet have not been adjusted
■ Check the correct levelling of the appliance.
The laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum.
■ Redistribute the laundry.
Maybe there is very little laundry in the drum.
■ Load more laundry.
Spinning starts late or the machine does not spin:The electronic unbalance detection device has cut in because the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum. The laundry is redistributed by reverse rotation of the drum. This may happen several times before the unbalance disappears and normal spinning can resume. If, after 10 minutes, the laundry is still not evenly distributed in the drum, the machine will not spin. In this case, redistribute the load manually and select the spin programme.
■ Redistribute the laundry.
The load is too small.
■ Add more items, redistribute the load manually and then select the spinning programme.
The machine makes an un- usual noise:The machine is fitted with a type of motor which makes an unusual noise compared with other traditional motors. This new motor ensures a softer start and more even distribution of the laundry in the drum when spinning, as well as increased stability of the machine.
No water is visible in the drum:Machines based on modern technology operate very economically using very little water without affecting performance.
The machine does not dry or does not dry properly:The drying time or the dryness degree has not been selected.
• Select the drying time or the dryness degree.
The water tap is not turned on.
■ Open the water tap.
The drain filter is clogged.
• Clean the drain filter.
The machine is overloaded.
■ Reduce the laundry load in the drum.
The selected drying programme, time or dryness degree was not suitable for the laundry.
■ Select the suitable drying programme, time or dryness degree for the laundry.
The laundry is full of different colored fluff:The fabrics washed in the previous cycle released fluff of a different color
■ The drying phase helps to eliminate some fluff.
■ Clean the clothes with a fluff remover.
In case of an excessive amount of fluff in the drum repeat the following procedure twice:
• Thoroughly clean the empty drum, the gasket and the door with a wet rag.
■ Perform a rinse cycle.
■ Put a wool or piled fabric rag inside the drum.
■ Perform a drying cycle of 10 minutes.
■ Remove the old wool cloth.
Now you can wash other garments.

Zanussi ZDP7202PZ Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible solution
You cannot activate the appliance.Make sure that the mains plug is connected to the mains socket.
Check fuse in fuse box
The programme does not start.Press Start/Pause.
Make sure that the appliance door is closed.
The appliance door does not close.Make sure that the installation of the filter is correct.
Make sure that the laundry does not catch be- tween the appliance door and the rubber seal.
The appliance stops during operation.Make sure that the water container is empty. Press Start/Pause to start the programme again.
Drying cycle lasts an unusually long timeMake sure that the weight of the laundry is applicable to the duration of the programme.
Make sure that the filter is clean.
The laundry is too wet. Spin the laundry in the washing machine again.
Make sure that the room temperature is not too warm.
Drying cycle ends shortly after programme starts.Set the Time Drying or the Extra Dry programme.

Zanussi ZDC68560W Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
Dryer does not work.Dryer not connected to mains supply.Plug in at mains socket. Check fuse in fuse box (domestic installation).
Loading door opened.Close loading door
The START PAUSE button not pressed.Press the START PAUSE button.
Incorrect programme set.Set suitable programme.
Fluff filters clogged.Clean fluff filters.
Unsatisfactory drying results.Heat exchanger clogged.Clean heat exchanger.
Max. loading exceeded.Respect max. loading volume.
Covered ventilation grill.Uncover ventilation grill in base area.
Residue inside the drum.Clean the drum inside.
High water hardness.Set suitable water hardness
Loading door does not closeFilters not locked in place.Install fine filter and/or snap course filter into place.
Err(Error) on the LCD.Attempt to change parameters after start of the programme.Turn the dryer off and on. Set requested parameters.
No drum lightProgramme selector in OFF position.Turn it to DRUM LIGHT (if available) or to any programme.
Defective light bulb.Replace light bulb
Abnormally elapsing time on the LCDTime to end is calculated on the basis of: type, volume and dampness of laundry.Automatic process; this is not a machine fault.
Programme in- activeFull water reservoir.Empty water reservoir, press START PAUSE button.
Drying cycle to shortSmall laundry volume./Too dry laundry for selected programme.Select time programme or higher drying level (e.g. EXTRA DRY).
Fluff filters clogged.Clean fluff filters.
Drying cycle to longTo high loading volume.Respect max. loading volume.
Laundry insufficiently spun.Spun adequately the laundry.
Particularly high room temperature - no machine fault.Lower the room temperature if possible.

Zanussi TD 4112 W Dryer Troubleshooting

SymptomPossible causes
The tumble dryer does not start• The door has not been closed.
• The plug is not properly inserted in the power socket.
• There is no current at the socket
• The main fuse or the fuse in the plug has blown.
• A drying time has not been selected.
Drying takes too long or laundry is not dry enough.• The laundry has not been spun properly.
• The filter is clogged up.
• The room temperature is too high.
• The selected time or sector was not suitable for the laundry
• There is too much laundry inside the appliance.
• The dryer is not correctly installed.
• The Low Temperature or Cool Tumble Button has been depressed.