What to Do if a Kenmore Dryer is not Heating?

What to Do if a Kenmore Dryer is not Heating?

Reset the thermal overload cut out

Some of the most common reasons why the appliance won’t heat up are the heater fuse that has tripped or the thermal overload that has cut out. Very often, these parts are equipped with mechanisms that won’t let them overheat. So, all you need to do is to reset the mechanisms manually.

For this, press the reset button. First, you have to locate it. If you have an older model, you will find the reset button on their back panel (you will recognize it by the red color). If you have a dryer produced more recently, look for the reset button inside the casing underneath the back panel. Unfortunately, you will need to unscrew and pull it away to get to the reset button.

Now that you have found the button, just press it in. Does it click? If yes, then the cause of the malfunction was that thermal overload cut out had tripped. The click means that the reset went successfully.

There also exist models where there is no reset switch. Such models are equipped with a ‘once-only’ thermal cut-out, and you will need a tech to reset it. It will take about an hour to reset such a dryer.

Here is a list of other possible causes:

  • The heating element may be worn out, so you will need to install a new one
  • The exhaust vent needs a good clean
  • The thermostat may be worn out