Unimac Dryer Troubleshooting

Unimac dryer troubleshooting

Unimac dryers often don’t need much repair. However, there can appear situations when it won’t work the proper way. In addition, the problems can be of a different kind, like not heating, door lock issues and so on. If you faced them, you should be ready to deal with them. The troubleshooting manual will definitely help you to solve it even if you doubt it so much.

Won’t StartWon’t HeatClothes Not DryPossible Reason - Corrective Actions
Insert correct coin(s) or valid card if applicable.
Close the loading door tightly.
Close lint panel tightly.
Press the PUSH-TO-START or START pad/button.
Be sure power cord is plugged all the way into the electrical outlet.
Drying timer is in OFF position.
Check the main fuse and circuit breaker.
Check fuses located in the machine.
Insufficient airflow.
Gas shut-off valve in OFF position.
Are controls properly set?
Broken drive belt. Call the service person.
Tumbler is in Cool Down Mode.
Lint screen clogged. Clean lint screen.
Exhaust duct to outside is blocked. Clean out.