Siemens Dryer Error Codes

Siemens ultrasense dryer not drying – this is not the verdict. When you get to know of it, don’t hurry to worry and throw the dryer away. Even if you get to experience Siemens dryer machine lint filter cut off problem, be ready that the guide will help you to get hold of it.

Siemens ultraSense Dryer Error Codes

Code Issue
E01Check for leak
Check float switch in washing machine base
E04Check wiring
Check wash NTC
E05Check water supply to the washing machine is on
Check fill hose is not kinked
Check inlet valve filter
Check water inlet valve
E06Check drain pump filter
Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
Check drain pump operation
Check drain pump wiring
E10Check motor connector block
Check wiring
Check motor carbon brushes
Check tacho connections
Check motor
E14Check wiring to dryer temperature sensor
Check NTC

Siemens WT43W468GR Dryer Error Codes

Code Description / Solution
Error 01 and 17There has been a water level error detected in the washing machine
Error 02 There’s an issue with the heater in the appliance
Error 09 Unexpected heating has been detected in the washing machine
Error 03 and 18 Mean your appliance can’t drain properly
Error 04, 05, 21, 42, 43 and 44 Motor error codes. Calling in a professional technician to fix any of these errors is the only way to get them safely fixed
Error 06 and 07 There is a problem with the NTC sensor in your appliance this could be because the sensor is defective or due to its connections
Error 08, 16 and 34 Relate to the door of your washing machine. If the door latch or catch is damaged or blocked, then that could be causing the problem.
Error 10 Your appliance as detected a problem with the internal communication in your machine