Maytag dryer error code

Maytag dryer error code f01

Maytag dryer error code f01

This error code indicates a serious problem, which is not a DIY one at all. It means that the main relay control board is down and, most likely, needs to be replaced. It will take a bit of research, because you will need the full model number. It is printed on a sticker inside the door way. Finally, it will take about $200.

Maytag dryer error code maytag dryer f70

Maytag dryer error code maytag dryer f70

The manufacturer has set an optimal temperature level, and any deviation from it will result in the F70 error code flashing on your Maytag dryer’s display.

Overheating or coolingmay have the following causes:

  1. Lack of ventilation
  2. blocked tumbler air flow screen or lint screen
  3. Slow tumbler


It should be noted that Factor 3 has proved typical of Whirlpool and Kenmore devices and attributable to electrical connections performed by installers. The tumbler will demonstrate low revolutions if you fail to use a ‘4prong’ NEMA 14-30R two-phase circuit outlet featuring separate neutral and ground posts, as directed by installation manuals. As a result, the dryer will stop working.

Most likely, once you correct the problem, the error code will disappear and the device will start operating again. However, it may reappear when you try to dry a large and very wet item. In this case, do the following:

  1. Clean the duct to improve air flow. In some cases this can be achieved by simply scraping ling off from the inside of the duct. Also, it is advisable to check the vent hose for bends and twists, because they can reflect heat. THE SHORTER IT IS, THE BETTER. This can be hard to achieve, but it is the best way to make the device’s work effective.
  2. To keep the inside of the hose and the air flow screen inside the tumbler free, do not use too many softener sheets.
  3. Always keep the lint screen is clean. If you fail to remove lint regularly, it will collect moist and increase humidity.
  4. Check electrical connections once again and launch a normal cycle with a moderate amount of stuff (towels, pillow cases, etc.) too reset the sensors.

Maytag dryer pf error code

Maytag dryer pf error code

If you see PF on your dryer’s display and the cycle has stopped, it is due to a power interruption. Restart the dryer by pressing and holding the START button, or by pressing the POWER button.

  • The PF error could have appeared due to excess ‘power noise’ in the power supply line, which the control board has read as improper voltage. Also, the error may appear if you press keys before the 10-second delay on power-up is over.
  • Flip the household circuit breaker it for about one minute and reset it. Switch on the dryer and observe it for about one minute to make sure the code is gone.
  • If you have been using the dryer for a limited period of time (for about 3 months), have your household electricity supply system checked professionally.

Maytag dryer error code e1

Maytag dryer error code e1

This one indicates an issue in the heater or heater relays.

Switch off the device and wait 1 minute.

Switch it back on.

Run a time dry cycle.

Let it run for a couple of minutes to ensure that the error does not come back. If it does, contact your local technical service provider.

Maytag dryer l2 code

Maytag dryer l2 code

This may be due to a problem in the household electricity network:

L2 stands for “low or lo line voltage”, i. e. the device is not getting electricity and therefore the heater won’t turn on. It should be noted that the dryer will not stop when the code is displayed. To clear the code, touch any of the pads. Start from the time remaining.

Also, do the following:

Check the fuse/circuit breaker to see if one has blown or tripped. If necessary, replace the fuse/reset the circuit breaker.

Check the power cord to ensure it is connected properly. If needed, read the installation guide.

Run the Timed Dry cycle. If the error is still there, contact the manufacturer or your local technical service provider.

How to reset Maytag dryer

How to reset Maytag dryer

Error appearing

Errors do occur from time to time. If you suddenly see an error code on your Maytag dryer’s display, press the Power or Cancel button twice. Select the cycle once again and press the Start button.

Changing Cycle

If all you need to do is change, interrupt a cycle or switch to a different one, press Cancel or Power to stop the current one. Then choose another one, which you need right now, and apply preferred functions and options. Press Start or Pause to run the new cycle.

Resetting it

If you have had an error of the device has shut down to prevent overheating, you will need to reset it. Switch off your Maytag dryer, disconnect it from the mains and wait for about half an hour. Then reconnect and run a cycle. If the problem is still there, or things get even worse disconnect it immediately and address a qualified technician.