LG dryer error code

LG dryer error code d80

LG dryer error code d80

Sometimes, dryers get too slow or shut down unexpectedly. If you see d80, d90 or d95, or a bar in the Flow Sense indicator is lit up, you need to take steps to improve venting exhaust to prevent the device from overheating, shutting down. The problem requires an immediate action, because overheating can cause fire.

If none of these indications appears, please, do the following:

  • Make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped and the fuse is ok
  • There must be a 220 volt AC connection
  • Before launching the Cotton/Normal cycle, make sure the save energy mode is not activated
  • Put enough items in the dryer for sensors to detect at least a little amount of moisture
  • Clean the lint filter before loading the dryer

Also, there may be no heat with power on. This may indicate low power. The heater will work at 220B/30A, and the control panel, motor, electronics and lights – at 110V/15A.

The Flow Sense may signal a blockage, with or without any of the three error codes appearing. Clean the entire exhaust venting duct and the lint filter.

LG dryer error code d90 or d95

LG dryer error code d90 or d95

These error codes are signals from the duct blockage sensor, and they appear when the exhaust duct gets blocked. To be exact, the sensor will be activated and the error will appear when things get too bad – when 90% to 95% of the duct is blocked. In other words, these codes require an immediate action. They occur when debris and lint accumulate in the duct and affect the functioning of your device.

The problem can be solved in the following ways:

  1. Check the lint filter and free it from debris, if there is any.
  2. Turn your dryer on and check the airflow at the outside air vent. If it feels weak or there is no airflow at all, most likely, the duct is blocked and needs to be cleaned.
  3. Switch off and unplug the dryer. Remove the vent and check it for debris or foreign objects. Clean the vent, if necessary, put the vent back on the dryer and run it again to check airflow.
  4. Make sure the vent hood and area around it are clear. Remove lint and debris blocking it.
  5. If your duct is very long and/or has many bends, blockages are more likely to form, and they will be harder to find. In this case, you will need professional duct cleaning.

If you realize your dryer is blocked, stop using it and take steps to remove the blockage. Start using it again only when you know that the duct iss absolutely free from any obstructions and clean.

LG dryer error code te3

LG dryer error code te3

The TE3 fault code indicates a heating issue (open-circuited thermistor).

Try resetting it manually. There is a black tab and a red button inside. Press the button to reset the dryer. If this does not work, there is a more serious issue, which requires professional help.

LG dryer te2 error

lg dryer te2 error

If there is the “tE2” fault code, there may be an issue with the thermistor. This is more likely to happen when running SteamFresh™, Steam Sanitary™, or the Steam Option cycles, because there is increased humidity in the vent causing the duct to rapidly cool down.

If the dryer is operating in one of the modes mentioned above, do the following:

  • Connect the dryer the mains and turn it on.
  • Select the SteamFresh™.
  • Push the MORE TIME button and hold it until the respective indication appears on the display.
  • Push Start.

If the resetting is not working, have your dryer repaired professionally.