Labconco Dryer Troubleshooting

A problem with Labconco dryer is something happening really seldom. Anyway, it’s better to be ready than face the problem in panic. When you get such technological product, you should be aware of the fact that there is a troubleshooting manual ready to help you when you need it the most. It has been made just for you to get you out of the difficulties.

Labconco 50C Benchtop Freeze Dryer Troubleshooting

Heat SensorSensor failureReplace sensor assembly.
Connection failureRepair connection.
Close LidLid openClose lid.
Latch FailSolenoid failureCheck component.
Switch or sensor failureCheck connections.
Mem Fail PIMemory failurePush program button #1.
New memory IC chip
Bad memory IC chipCall Labconco - Replace IC chip or control PCB.
MOTOR ERRORDefective motorReplace motor.
Hall effect sensor failureReplace sensor.
Wire failureReplace wire.

Labconco 84C Console Freeze Dryer Troubleshooting

Unit will not operateUnit not connected to electrical powerConnect unit to proper electrical receptacle.
Circuit breaker blownCorrect electrical problem and reset circuit breaker by pressing button.
Lid openClose lid.
Excessive vibrationSample tubes not located symmetrically in rotorReposition sample tubes.
Sample odor in labVent hose exhausting into lab areaRedirect hose to fume hood.
Evaporation rate is reducedHeater inoperableContact Labconco.
Vacuum pump failureCheck pump.
Obstruction in hoseRemove obstruction or replace hose.
Lack of adequate vacuumSee below.
No vacuum/poor vacuumPump not onTurn on pump.
Control valve openCheck control valve.
Leaks in lines or connectors or gasketLocate and repair.
Foreign material on lid gasketClean gasket and lid.
Pump is not functioning properlyCheck pump by locating vacuum gauge closer to pump and close off rest of system. Check pump oil for cloudiness or particles and change.
If pump is faulty, seek authorized service or replace pump.
Cold Trap or Concentrator gasket is not sealing properlyCheck gasket for cleanliness. Adjust gasket as needed.
Cold Trap lid not seatedHold lid down until vacuum is initiated.
No vacuum/poor vacuum (cont.)Ice formed on Cold Trap lid sealing surfaceDefrost and wipe dry.
Secondary Trap Cannister not fitted properlyTighten all connections to and from the Secondary Trap Cannister.
Secondary Trap Insert is spentReplace with new insert.
New Secondary Trap has moisture in itRun vacuum pump for 24 hours to remove moisture.
Recovery of condensate in Cold Trap is less than normally expectedCold Trap is not ONCheck to make sure switch is ON and condensing unit fan is moving air out of the rear of the cabinet.
Cold Trap does not cool downTurn vacuum pump OFF and allow Cold Trap to cool for at least 30 min. to reach temperature.
-55°C temperature can be checked with a solvent thermometer or digital thermometer.
Frequent oil change needed in pumpSecondary Trap insert is spentChange insert often.
Cold Trap is not emptied after each run and driedEmpty the traps (glass or stainless steel) after each run and replace.
Vacuum too strong for chemicalUse a Secondary Trap insert and diaphragm pump.
Unit starts and shuts offLatch optical sensor improperly calibratedUnplug power cord. Wait 10 seconds. Plug in power cord.

Labconco 84C Console Freeze Dryer Troubleshooting

The machine won’t start.Make sure the door is closed securely
Make sure the Power is turned on
Check that you set the program or time correctly
Check that the electric plug is securely in the socket
Check the house breaker/fuses and the fuses on the back of the dryer
The machine starts but it stops when I release the power buttonThe overheating protection has probably activated
Clean the lint filter and let the machine cool down before trying again
The machine takes too long to dry my laundryCheck that the lint filter is clean
If you use dryer sheets (not recommended), you may need to wash the lint filter with warm water and a soft brush to clean any blocked holes
Be careful not to overload the dryer because the warm air needs sufficient room to circulate properly and the clothes need room to tumble freely
The laundry should only be damp when it comes out of the washer. If it seems too wet, try using a faster or longer spin cycle
Make sure the outside vent exhaust is not blocked
My clothes are coming out wrinkledYou should remove the clothes as soon as the dryer signals the end of the cycle. If you can’t remove the clothes right away, use the Anti-crease option
Dry heavy fabrics together and light fabrics together
Dry only permanent press items together
Dry in smaller loads
Use slower spin speeds
Use fabric softener in the rinse program
You may be using the wrong wash temperature
Try using a lower wash temperature, especially for permanent press and delicate items
The motor is running but the drum isn’t turningThis usually means a belt is broken. Call a servicer
The machine makes a funny noiseA slight rumbling may be heard when you first turn on the dryer. This is normal and it should only last a few seconds