Ingersoll Rand Air Dryer Troubleshooting

On this page you can find lists of possible problems you may have using your dryer. The tables here contain Ingersoll Rand dryer fault codes or problem air compressor descriptions. There are also possible causes of issues related to air temperature, pressure, dryer settings, insufficient rate and so on.

The lists contain issues which may happen with different Ingersoll models. For each problem, you can see its cause and proposed actions to solve it, or corrective actions.

There are some recommendations which can be performed only by technical specialist – do not try to replace units or spare parts if you do not know how to do that properly.

Ingersoll Rand 1000 Air Dryer Troubleshooting

Moisture down stream.Dryer is properly cooling air stream (Check Chiller. Temp on controller).Condensate drain failure caused by defective service unit.Replace service unit.
Excessive flow.Check inlet and outlet pressure and system design capacity. Correct cause of excessive flow.
Dryer by-pass valve not closed.Close by-pass valve.
Inlet and outlet temperatures are the same.No power to the dryer.Check power supply and fuses/circuit breakers.
High suction pressure.Check and clean condenser.
Refrigerant leak.Check suction pressure gauge if reading is 0 psig, turn dryer off and contact your distributor.
Compressor not running and fan is running.Check and clean condenser.
Check ambient temperature and reduce below 113°F.
Moisture down stream.Inlet and outlet temperatures are the same.Compressor and fan not running.Check Chiller Temperature.
Check MAIN CONTROL fuse.
Compressor and fan not running. Controller indicates compressor is ON.Compressor relay may be bad, replace relay.
Check for loose wire connections at contactor or loss of power at control board.
Defective control board - replace as necessary.
Contact your local distributor for further assistance.
Compressor and fan are running, exchanger temp high, pump not running.Defective Pump.
Apparent controller display malfunction.Display Blank.Blown Fuse.Check Fuses.
Board Failure.Contact your local distributor for further assistance.
Unrealistic temperature displayed.Probe loose,off connection or defective probe.Inspect probe cable and terminal connection, Replace probe.
Erratic or inaccurate temperature readings.Probe not completely in thermal well.Inspect probe and check readings against independent source (eg. temperature analyzer/pyrometer/ice bath) both in temperature well and to ambient.
Defective probe.Replace probe.
Unrealistic pressure displayed.Transducer loose, off connection or defective transducer.Inspect transducer cable and terminal connection.
Replace transducer.
High pressure drop across dryer.Outlet pressure substantially lower than inlet pressure System operating temperature is above 32 °F.Inlet and outlet valves not completely open.Open valves.
Inlet and outlet filters blocked up.Change filter elements.
Outlet pressure substantially lower than inlet pressure System operating tempera- ture is below 32 °F.Compressor relay / contactor stuck.Replace relay / contactor.
Microprocessor Control relay bad.Replace relay.
Probe not completely in thermal well.Inspect probe and check readings against independ- ent source (eg. temperature analyzer/pyrometer/ice bath) both in exchanger well and to ambient.
Problem persists.Turn dryer off and consult your local distributor for further assistance.
Condensate drain does not fire.Check installation is in accordance with this manual. Revise installation accordingly.
Inlet / outlet pipe internal diameter too small causing air-lock or back pressure.Replace with larger diameter piping.
Excessive use of bends / elbows in inlet / outlet pipe work causing air-lock/ back pressure.Reduce the amount of bends and elbows.
Outlet pipe too long / too high causing back pressure.Reconfigure condensate piping.
More than one condensate source connected providing alternative path for condensate.Reroute condensate to eliminate secondary path. Install check valves as required.
Condensate drain LED is off (Optional-No Air Loss Drain).Check power supply. Press test button for minimum 2 seconds and observe. Locate and eliminate supply fault.
Air bleed from condensate drain outlet port (Optional- No Air Loss Drain).Debris trapped under seal. Damage to seal.Press and hold the test button to clear (drain valve will open). Replace seal with Service Kit.
Condensate drain bowl does not seem to fill with conden- sate, drain does not seem to work due to air locking (Optional-No Air Loss Drain).If bottom inlet is used, top port must be used as air bleed. Make sure Connect the top inlet to a higher point in system, which will function as an air bleed for the drain.

Ingersoll 150-8000 Rand Air Dryer Troubleshooting

Problem Cause Solution
Elevated dew pointInsufficient purge rate Check purge flow settings (Heatless Mode). Check blower intake filter.
Check purge flow adjustment valve.
Inlet air/gas pressure below design condition.Check pressure source.
Flow rate higher than design condition.Check flow rate and cause for increased demand.
Inlet temperature above design condition.Check aftercooler, clean and service as necessary.
Entrained water entering desiccant bed.Check air/moisture separator and prefilter. Replace dryer desiccant if necessary.
Desiccant contaminated by oil.Install suitable pre-filter. Replace dryer desiccant.
Excessive pressure drop in dryerExcessive flow rate.Check flow rate and cause for increased air demand.
Inlet pressure below design condition.Check pressure source.
Excessive back pressure in regenerating tower (Above 5 PSIG).Air is leaking across valve.Check inlet valve. Verify inlet valve is closed to purging tower (0 PSIG tower).
Excessively high pressure at the purge gauge (Blower and Heatless Modes)Improper calibrationCheck gauge against tower gauges when in switching sequence. Replace gauge as required.
Failure to Shift (Switching Failure)No input powerCheck power input.
Defective no-loss drain valveCheck no-loss drain valve.
No pilot air / Low pilot air pressureCheck pilot air line. Check that control air line filter is clean. Check regulator setpoint.
Defective pressure switchCheck switch. Open pressure: > 65 psig; close pressure: < 40 psig
Failure to Shift (Dryer fails to pressurize.)Faulty purge valveCheck purge valve and its solenoid valve.
Check that repressurization circuit is sending control signal.
Failure to Shift (Dryer fails to depressurize.)Purge valve does not open. Purge valve stuck in closed position.Check solenoid valve. Repair and replace if necessary.
Heater High Temp. Alarm (Heater runs continuously)Contactor stuck closed.Replace contactor.
Defective thermocoupleReplace thermocouple.
Defective temperature controlReplace temperature control.
Heat High Temp. Alarm (Loss of flow across heater)Valve switching failureContact Ingersoll Rand Distributor / Factory
Blower and / or Heater not working due to overload on blower motor starter tripping.Improper voltage and / or current to heater and blowerCheck voltages and current to heater and blower. Correct problem and reset blower motor starter.
Dirty Blower Intake FilterRemove and clean or replace blower filter. Reset blower motor starter.
Purge outlet valve not openReplace control solenoid valve. Reset blower motor starter.