How to use a drying machine?

How often have you understood after washing your clothes that there’s nothing to wear? How many times have you thought about the best time to wash the pillows and blankets for them to dry in the sun or that it’s better to find some time to bring those things to the cleaner’s?

How to use a drying machine?

Do you also spend money and time on dry cleaning to get rid of the musty smell? How much time do you spend on ironing things, especially if you have a baby?! How to save time for living?

There is a simple and effective solution – a drying machine!

After buying a drying machine washed things will dry in minutes and become so soft that you won’t even need to iron them!

The principle of operation of the drying machines

Absolutely all of the drying machines have the same principle of operation – things are spun in the drum and blown on with the air, and thanks to that the water evaporates from it. Wet air that appears while drying is removed from the drum.

There are two types of the machines – ventilated and condensing.

  1. Ventilated drying machines put wet air outside the dwelling via special system attached to a window or a vent. Machines of that type are easily recognized by a wide flexible air-duct hose. Drying machines that collect moisture are more modern. There is no hose, but a special condensing device in them, and you can pour out the water from there in the sink. Machines of that type are called accordingly – condensing.
  2. Condensing drying machines are equipped with a special closed system that condenses moisture removed from the things. That’s why the machine can be put in any place where there is a connection to electricity. The container for water in condensing drying machines can be in the top or bottom part of the device. Drying machines with the upper position of the removable container are also equipped with a pump which pumps out the condensate and removes it. So, it can be connected to the drain or you can use the inner container. In both cases a light indicator will warn you about the necessity to empty it and will stop the machine’s work.

Regardless of the type of the machine you’ll choose, wet air has to go through a special dust-collecting filter that collects fur and hards, and this way things look fresh again.

Filter can be simply removed to wash it easily and fast.

Digital control tracks the level of the things’ humidity and stops the drying when the chosen level is reached. You can choose one of the four levels of residual humidity.

Drying with a digital control of humidity enables you to get things with a strictly prescribed per cent of humidity. Drying ‘as an iron’ eases the following ironing, and drying ‘to the cupboard’ gives an opportunity to avoid it at all.

Drying ‘as a fabric’. To start this mode you will only need to push a certain button on the control panel which denotes the needed type of fabric. It’s obvious that cotton, silk and wool require completely different drying conditions. Synthetics, for example, don’t need ironing, and the machine works as an iron.

Control of the machine’s work will be provided by a residual humidity sensor in the first case and by a timer in the second one. In the end of drying the things will be cooled, and a buzzer will notify you about the finish of the process.

‘Aeration’ program. A program for refreshing your things. It helps to clean them from dust and pets’ fur and makes the fabric more soft and fresh. If the things are clean but smell badly, this program will also help to air and refresh them just in 20 minutes!

Additional functions

Apart from the main functions, there are useful little things making the drying more pleasant and less troublesome envisaged in the majority of drying machines.

  1. The ‘Deferred start’ function gives an opportunity to put the things into the drying machine and choose the program, deferring the start from 1 to 8-16 hours depending on the machine’s model. You can choose the time of the cheapest electricity or just to get dry things to the needed time.
  2. The ‘Anti-wrinkling’ function reduces the number of creases on the things. It’s especially good for shirts and curtains.
  3. The ‘Protection of fibers’ function helps to avoid damaging of the materials’ fibers and reduces creases.
  4. The ‘Inner lighting of the drum’ won’t let you forget even little things inside!

With a modern drying machine, things that are just washed will dry in minutes and become so soft that you won’t even need to iron them!