Hotpoint dryer troubleshooting

If your drying machine was broken, read the table of troubleshooting in which there are manufacturer’s advice how to recover your device. According to the symptoms, it is possible to find out the cause of failure and necessary actions for repair.

Hotpoint CTD40 Tumble dryer troubleshooting

ProblemCheck these things first
It won’t start1. Is the machine plugged in and switched on at the socket?
2. Is the Programme Control set to required time?
3. Is the door securely closed?
4. Has the start button been pressed hard enough? Try pressing the start button again.
5. Has the fuse blown? (Try plugging in another appliance to check)
6. Have you used an extension lead? Many are not suitable. Try plugging the dryer directly into a socket to check.
It is taking a long time to dry1. Have you forgotten to clean the filter? It should be cleaned after each load.
2. Have you selected the correct Programme setting for the type of fabric you are drying?
3. Is the flexible Vent Hose blocked or kinked? Check it for foreign objects or condensate (water).
4. Have the air intake grille or rear vents of the Dryer been obstructed?
5. Permanent venting - is flap on the storm cover obstructed?
6. Were the clothes ‘excessively wet’ when they were put in?
7. Was the correct time/programme selected?
8. Have you overloaded the dryer?
The Dryer is tumbling occasionallyThis is perfectly normal - it means that the Dryer is on ‘Crease Care’ and has reached the end of the drying cycle and the clothes are ready to take out.
The dryer keeps bleepingThis is perfectly normal, the dryer is on ‘Crease Care’ as above... Press the Alarm (Buzzer) button and the bleeping will stop.
The dryer keeps buzzingThis is perfectly normal, the dryer has finished its programme.
Press the Buzzer button and the bleeping will stop or open the door.
Any other problemHave you re-read this instruction book?