Hotpoint dryer error code

Hotpoint tumble dryer error code f03

Hotpoint tumble dryer error code f03

Thi is what is known as a “NTC fault, so please, check the thermistor and module wiring nand connections.

If you have a Hotpoint WD (& WF) washing machine, check option buttons. For example, a WD 440G has the following sset of buttons:

  1. Drying High Heat
    2. Reduce Creases
    3. Rinse Hold
    4. Time Saver
    5. Extra Rinse

If you see 3 and 4 and the on/off sswitch flashing, this is F03.

Hotpoint dryer error code f04

Hotpoint dryer error code f04

Ussually, this error code indicates a heater issue.

However, this may be a glitch. Reset your unit and see if it appears again.

Set the dial to the Off position. Then set it to 6 o’clock position. Push Start three times. Turn it clockwise until you heare a click (only one!) and push Start three times. Set the dial to the Off position. Now you have set up another cycle. See if it goes properly.

If the error reoccurs and the heating element is not working, remove the back cover and check the heating element. There will be two thermostats on top of it. Test the one on the right using a test meter. If it is operational, test the one on the left (it is a thermistor). It should show around 7 Kohms. If any of these parts is faulty, it will need to be repared or replaced. If both are fine, most likely, you have a faulty control board.

Hotpoint dryer f04 reset

Hotpoint dryer f04 reset

Reset the machine.

Turn the dial to the OFF position.

Turn it to the 6 o’clock position

Push the Start button three times.

Turn it 1 click clockwise and push the Start button another three times.

Turn the dial to the OOFF position.

Wait until the machine starts another cycle and monitor it after it does.

If the error is still there and the heating problem persists, remove the back cover in the bottom right corner and check the heater.

Check the two thermostats on the top right and left using a multimeter. The left one is a thermistor, and it should read about 7,000 ohms. Replace the one, which is not reading so.

If at least one of them is bad, replace the heater. If neither the thermostat nor the thermistor is faulty, replace the main control board.