Hoover Dryer Troubleshooting

Hoover dryer troubleshooting

Hoover tumble dryer repair – such problem can really worry the person if he faced it once upon a time. There is a good way out which is going to help: getting acquainted with the troubleshooting manual which has been prepared right for such complicated situations. It is a unique way of problem solving, just believe it.

Hoover HNL 642 Dryer Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
The machine will not start...Close the door. Check that there is power to the machine. Select a programme and press Start Pause. Check if the door locked light is illuminated.
If it is not, check the following:
1. Is the machine connected to the electrical supply?
2. Is the electrical supply OK, check another socket?
3. Has the fuse on the machine blown? If so, replace it.
If the door locked light is illuminated and the machine does not start this means that the machine cannot fill with water, check the following:
1. Check the programme dial is correctly aligned with the programme.
2. Is the water supply to the machine switched on?
3. Are the pipes kinked or restricted in any way?
Water does not drain away...Ensure that there is not a blockage in the drain hose or the hose is not kinked.
Is the drain hose installed correctly? If connected to the sink waste make sure you have cut the membrane or removed the bung from the under sink drainage unit.
Check for foreign bodies in the filter. If present, clean the filter.
Water on the floor around the washing machine....• Is the fill hose tightened? If so, replace the rubber washers and re-tighten.
• Is the standpipe or the household drain blocked? If so, clear the blockage yourself or call a plumber.
• Is there clothing or dirt between the door gasket and the door glass? Ensure that the door glass and gasket are kept clean and free of laundry when loading the machine.
The machine does not spin...• Water has not drained from the machine? Check the points highlighted above.
• Have you selected an option that changes the spin profile? Check the feature in the description of the controls.
• Is the load unbalanced? To reduce noise and vibration and improve the machine's reliability and life, the machine is fitted with an electronic sensor that detects if the load is unbalanced. To improve the spin performance the load can be re-distributed by hand at the end of the cycle and then re-spun.
The machine is noisy or vibrates a lot during the cycle...• Has the transit system been fully removed? Check that the bracket and the polystyrene packing have been taken off the machine.
• Are there any loose items in the pockets of clothing that can rattle in the drum and cause damage?
• Is the load unbalanced? Stop the programme, re-distribute the load and restart.
The programme takes a long time...• Some programmes do take a long time (over 2 hours).
Low water pressure can increase the length of the programme.
The door will not open...• Has the programme finished?
Is the STOP light illuminated? If not the programme is not complete.
Has the door locked light gone out? If not wait a further couple of minutes and the light will go out and you will be able to open the door.

Hoover Vision HD Dryer Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Drying time is too long/clothes are not dry enough...• Have you selected the correct drying time/programme?
• Were the clothes too wet? Were the clothes thoroughly wrung or spin-dried?
• Does the filter need cleaning?
• Is the dryer overloaded?
• Is the venting hose kinked or blocked?
• Has the 'Choix Textile' option been selected from a previous cycle?
The dryer does not operate...• Is there a working electricity supply to the dryer? Check using another appliance such as a table lamp.
• Is the plug properly connected to the mains supply?
• Is there a power failure?
• Has the fuse blown?
• Is the door fully closed?
• Is the dryer switched on, both at the mains supply and at the machine?
• Has the drying time or the programme been selected?
• Has the machine been switched on again after opening the door?
The dryer is noisy...• Switch off the dryer and contact GIAS Service for advice.
The Filter Care Indicator is on...• Does the filter need cleaning?
• Is the venting hose kinked or blocked?