Gorenje Dryer Troubleshooting

Gorenje dryer troubleshooting

Gorenje is considered to be one of the best world brands considering household appliances. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never face a problem with its functioning. So, if this happen at once, it’s

better to turn to the troubleshooting manual you see attached here. It will be a nice solution. Don’t hesitate and check it out if you have a difficult situation.

Gorenje D9665N Dryer Troubleshooting

Problem/errorCauseWhat to do ...?
The dryer does not work.• No voltage in the power outlet• Check if the power cord plug is correctly inserted into the power outlet.
• Check the fuse.
There is voltage in the outlet, but the drum does not spin and the dryer does not work.• Program was not started in accordance with the instructions.• Reread the instructions for use again.
• The door is not properly closed.• Push the door towards the appliance.
• Condensate tank is full.• Empty the condensate tank
• Delayed start function has been selected.• Wait until the time indicated on the display elapses.
Laundry is not dried, or drying temperature is longer than 4h.• Filters are not clean. The room is not sufficiently ventilated.• Clean the filters.
• Inappropriate temperature in the room• Install the dryer in an appropriate room
• Laundry was not sufficiently wrung or spun.• Check if the temperature in the room where the dryer is installed is too high (over 25°C) or too low (below 10°C).
• Amount of laundry dried in the appliance is too large or insufficient.• Laundry inserted into the dryer was not sufficiently wrung or spun, or an inappropriate drying program was selected.
• Use an appropriate program or use the timed program. Increase the final level of dryness for the selected program (intensive drying function).
Unevenly dried laundry.• The amount of laundry dried at a time is too large.• Make sure the laundry is sorted by type and size of items given the selected program
• Drying the pieces of different thicknesses
• Drying the different types of laundry
Error in the drum lighting.• There is no lighting when the dryer door is opened.• Disconnect the dryer from the power mains and call an authorized service unit.
On display: F3• Full condensate tank• Empty the condensate tank
• If the condensate tank is empty, there is a pump failure.• Disconnect the appliance and call the nearest service unit.
On display:F4• Clogged filters• Clean the filters.
• If the filters are clean, there may be a compressor failure.• Disconnect the appliance and call the nearest service unit.
On display:"LO"• Steam generator tank is empty• Add distilled water

Gorenje D62225 Dryer Troubleshooting

Appliance does not work:• If there is current in the socket and if the fuse is functioning.
• If the plug is correctly inserted into the socket.
There is current in the socket, but the drum is not rolling:• If the door is closed tightly (press it towards the appliance).
• If the program runs according to instructions.
• If the container is full (only with condensation dryer).
• If appropriate drying time is selected.
Laundry is not dry:• If the filter is clean.
• If the condensation device is clean (only with condensation dryer).
• If the room is adequately ventilated.
• If the amount of laundry to be dried is not too big.
• If the evacuation tube is too long (only with evacuation dryer - max 2 m).
• If the laundry loaded in the drum has not been spun enough or if appropriate drying time has been set.
• If the room is too hot (over 25°C, applies for condensation dryer).
The condensation is inadequate:• If the room temperature is too high.
• If the condensation device is clean.
Unevenly dried laundry:• If the amount of laundry to be dried is not too big.
• If there are only large pieces of laundry (large and small pieces should be dried together).
• If different fabrics are dried together (group the laundry according to the type of fabrics).