Electrolux Dryer Troubleshooting

Electrolux dryer troubleshooting

Have you ever bought an Electrolux dryer? If you haven’t had such experience and just thinking of doing it, then the best solution is not to hesitate and just do it? Don’t worry if you face some dryer problems. The dryer repair isn’t obligatory in this case, you may be fine with the troubleshooting guide given below in the most possibly detailed way. It will help you deal with the issue.

Electrolux EDP2074PDW Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible solution
You cannot activate the appliance.Make sure that the mains plug is connected to the mains socket.
Check fuse in fuse box
The programme does not start.Press Start/Pause.
Make sure that the appliance door is closed.
The appliance door does not close.Make sure that the installation of the filter is correct.
Make sure that the laundry does not catch between the appliance door and the rubber seal.
The appliance stops during operation.Make sure that the water container is empty. Press Start/Pause to start the programme again.
The display shows a long programme duration.Follow guide in program table depending on size and type of load
The laundry is too wet. Spin the laundry in the washing machine again.
Make sure that the room temperature is not too warm.
The display shows a short programme duration.Set the Time Drying or the Extra Dry programme.
The display shows Err.If you want to set a new programme, deactivate and activate the appliance.
Make sure that the options are applicable to the programme.
The display shows E51Deactivate and activate the appliance.
Start a new programme. If the problem occurs again, contact the Service.

Electrolux Electric Dryer Troubleshooting

Greasy, oily stains• Fabric softener sheet.• Rub fabric softener stains with bar soap. Rinse and rewash.• Add a few bath towels to small loads for proper tumbling.
• Some "silk-like" fabrics should be air dried.
• Use proper drying temperature.
• Place fabric softener sheet on top of load before starting the dryer.
Lint• Overloading.• Reduce load size and rewash using liquid fabric softener in the final rinse.• Do not overload dryer.
• Overdrying causes static electricity.• Or, add a fabric softener sheet and tumble without heat.• Use fabric softener in washer or dryer to reduce static electricity.
• Lint screen not clean when cycle began.• Use lint brush or roller to remove lint.• Remove items when they are slightly damp to avoid overdrying.
• Lint is attached to "pills."• Check that lint filter is clean and in place.
Pilling (Fibers break off, ball up and cling to fabric.)• Overdrying.• Use a lint brush or shaver to remove pills.• Use fabric softener to lubricate fibers.
• When ironing, use spray starch or fabric finish on collars and cuffs.
• Turn items inside out to reduce abrasion.
Shrinking• Temperature too high.• Irreversible condition.• Follow fabric care label directions.
• Overdrying.• If shrinking is a concern, check load often.
• Remove items while slightly damp and hang or lay flat to complete drying.
• Block knits into shape.
Wrinkling• Overloading.• Reduce load size and tumble at medium or low heat for 5-10 minutes.• Do not overload dryer.
• Leaving items in dryer after cycle ends.• Remove items immediately. Hang or fold.• Remove items as soon as cycle ends.

Electrolux EWMED70JIW Dryer Troubleshooting

Dryer does not start.Electrical power cord is not securely plugged in or plug may be loose.Make sure the plug fits tightly in wall outlet.
House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse.
Make sure electrical line is not overloaded and the dryer is on a separate circuit.
Thermal limiter tripped.Call authorized service person for replacement.
LCD displays Demo mode.Dryer has been programmed to temporarily perform a repeating demo cycle.To return to the factory default settings, press and hold the temperature and dryness buttons at the same for 5 seconds.
Dryer runs but won’t heat.There are 2 house fuses in the dryer circuit. If 1 of the 2 fuses is blown, the drum may turn but the heater will not operate, (electric models)Replace fuse.
Gas supply valve is not open (gas models).Check to make sure supply valve is open.
Dryer does not have enough air supply to support the burner flame (gas models).
LP gas supply tank is empty or there has been a utility interruption of natural gas (gas models).Refill or replace tank.
Dryer should heat when utility service is restored.
Drying cycle takes too long, outside of theLint filter is clogged with lint.Make sure all lint has been removed from the dryer lint filter before starting each cycle.
dryer feels too hot or smells hot.Exhaust duct requirements have not been met.Exhaust duct must be at least 4 inches in diameter and made of rigid or semi-rigid metal.
When in place, the duct must have no more than four 90° bends and must not exceed length.
Electric dryer is connected to a 208 volt circuit.Drying time will be 20% longer than drying on a 240 volt circuit.
Drying procedures have not been followed.
Outside exhaust hood or exhaust duct may be clogged or restricted.Clean out any obstruction.
High humidity.Use a dehumidifier near the dryer.
Excessive wrinkling.Dryer is overloaded.Do not overload.
Items left in dryer too long.Remove items as soon as cycle ends.
Insufficient sorting of items.
Scratching or chipping of the drum finish.Foreign objects such as coins, pins, clips or buttons are inside the dryer.Always remove foreign objects from pockets before laundering. Remove objects from drum and restart dryer.
Permanently attached items such as belt buckles, zippers and fasteners may be hitting the inside of the drum.It may be necessary to sew a scrap of material securely around ornaments before drying to prevent scratching and damage to the dryer.

Electrolux T5675 Dryer Troubleshooting

Problem Cause Solution
INTERNAL ERROR CPU TACHOTacho input on CPU delivers values that is out of range1. Run motor on highest possible speed in service mode. Check input value for RPM speed.
2. Replace defective component
REAL TIME CLOCK OUT OF ORDERThe real time clock is used by the control system for delayed start, measuring time, power failure, error codes, etc.1. Power off the machine for 1 minute and try again
Upon power on, the communication with the internal real time clock in the control system is established. In case this fails, this error occurs
INITIALIZATION FAILEDThe error code is shown if the hardware initialization has failed to initialize within 15 seconds after power on1. Press the control knob/start button to retry.
2. Upload a new software that matches the machine configuration and try again
MACHINE STOPThis message is shown if input for MACHINE STOP is activated.1. Reset the Machine Stop Button.
This is not an error code but is handled in the same way2. Press the control knob to confirm machine stop. Machine will revert to Idle mode
EMERGENCY STOPThis message is shown if input for EMERGENCY STOP is activated. This is not an error code but is handled in the same way1. Reset the Emergency Stop Button.
2. Press the control knob to confirm emergency stop. Machine will revert to Idle mode
NO WATERThis error is shown if the programmed water level is not reached within a certain time, typically 10 minutes.1. Check for leaking drain valve by filling water to high level in service program.
Max. filling time is defined in Config. 1 parameter MAX FILL TIME.2. Check for leaking or clogged level sensor system by filling water to high level in service program and then actual level in inputs.
This error message can be turned off in Configuration - Error code3. Check for malfunction or block filler valve by activating input by input in service program.
Long filling times can be caused by a leaking drain valve, blocked filler valve, defective filler valve, defective valve control board, clogged level sensor hose, leaking level system, etc4. Monitor a program by using Process viewer in ELS Common Service Tool
DOOR OPEN / LOADING DOOR OPENThis error code will be shown if the control system detect that the input DOOR CLOSED has been deactivated during an on-going program. This error code can only occur during an on-going program1. Check door lock functionality in service program, but activating door lock and then by checking inputs.
This can be caused by for example a bad or defective door lock, loose cable to door lock, problem with door lock edge connection, defective input on I/O unit type 10 etc2. Check electrical connections by reading inputs at the same time as cables carefully moved/pulled.
3. Carefully knock on the door lock to locate intermittent errors
DOOR LOCK FAIL / LOADING DOOR NOT LOCKEDThis error code will be shown if the control system have not detected the input DOOR LOCKED to be active within a certain time after program start, typically 3 seconds1. Check door lock functionality in service program, but activating door lock and then by checking check inputs.
This can be caused by a mechanical problem preventing door lock to lock, defective door lock, loose cable connection to door lock, broken cables to door lock or mechanical problem with emergency opening of the door2. Check electrical connections by reading inputs at the same time as cables carefully moved/pulled.
3. Carefully knock on the door lock unit to locate intermittent errors.
4. Check DLCU status in service mode for more information on possible causes
WATER LOW TEMPThis error code is shown if the temperature sensor indicates temperature below approx. -9°C/15°FMeasure resistance in temperature sensor
Minimum allowed temperature is defined in Config. 2 parameter MIN PROG TEMP
This low temperature means that the resistance in the sensor is higher than approximately 23.7 This can be caused if the machine for example has been standing outdoors, an open circuit in the sensor or in the cable to the sensor

Electrolux LAVATHERM 55540 Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
Dryer does not work.Mains plug is not plugged in or fuse is not working correctly.Plug in at mains socket. Check fuse in fuse box
Loading door is open.Close loading door.
Have you pressed the START PAUSE START PAUZE button?Press the START PAUSE START PAUZE button again.
Wrong programme selected.Select a different programme the next time you dry
Lint filters clogged.Clean lint filters.
Fluff filter clogged.Clean fluff filter.
Heat exchanger clogged with lint.Clean heat exchanger.
Drying results unsatisfactory.Overloading of laundry.Observe recommended loading volumes.
Ventilation slots in base area covered up.Uncover ventilation slots in base area.
Residue on inside surface of drum or drum ribs.Clean inside surface of drum and drum ribs.
Conductance of water at installation site differs from standard set- ting of machine.Re-programme standard setting for degree of drying
Loading door does not close.Fine strainer not in place and/or mesh filter not locked in place.Install fine strainer and/or snap large mesh filter into place.
When a button is pressed, led above START PAUSE START PAUZE button is lighting in yellow temporarily.Washing protection. After the start of the programme, the option can no longer be set.Turn the programme knob to OFF UIT. Set the programme again.
Programme inactive, empty water tank warning led is lighting.Condensate tank is full.Empty condensate tank, then start programme with START PAUSE START PAUZE button.
Drying cycle ends shortly after programme starts.Not enough washing loaded or washing loaded is too dry for selected programme.Select time programme or higher drying level (e.g. EXTRA DRY EXTRA DROOG instead of CUPBOARD DRY KASTDROOG).
Drying cycle lasts an unusually long time. Note: After around 5 hours the drying cycle ends automatically Lint filter clogged.Clean lint filter.
Fluff filter clogged.Clean fluff filter.
DELICATE button pressed and/or load volume too big.Reduce load volume.
Laundry insufficiently spun.Laundry must be adequately spun.
Particularly high room temperature. Temporary switching off of the compressor to avoid overload.Automatic process, there is no fault with the appliance. If possible, lower the room temperature.

Electrolux TE1120 Dryer Troubleshooting

Problem Possible causeRemedy
Incorrect programme selection.Do the selection of the applicable programme.
The filter is clogged.Clean the filter.
Too high volume of the load.Obey the maximum load volume.
Unsatisfactory drying result.The airflow grill is clogged.Clean the airflow grill in the bottom of the appliance.
Dirt on the humidity sensor in the drum.Clean the front surface of the drum.
Incorrect remaining laundry moisture degree.Adjust remaining laundry moisture degree.
The condenser is clogged.Clean the condenser.
The loading door does not closedThe filter not locked in the posi- tion.Put the filter in the correct position.
The laundry is locked between the door and the seal.Put the load correctly in the drum.
Err (Error) on the display.You try to change the programme or the option after the start of the cycle.Turn the tumble dryer off and on. Make the new selection.
The option you try to activate is not applicable with the selected programme.
No drum lightDefective drum lamp.Contact the service centre to replace the drum lamp.
Abnormally elapsing time on the display.The time to end is calculated on the basis of the volume and dampness of the laundry.The automatic procedure — this is not the appliance malfunction.
Programme inactive.The water container is full.Drain the water container, push the Start/Pause button.
Drying cycle too short.Too small laundry volume.Do the selection of time programme. The time value must be related to the load. To dry 1 item or small quantities of the laundry we recommend to use short times.
The laundry is too dry.Do the selection of the time programme with longer time.

Electrolux EDS6051 Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causes
The dryer will not start:• Plug is not firmly in socket, or power not turned on.
• You have blown a fuse. Check the power point with another appliance.
• You have not closed the dryer door or pushed in the door safety switch button.
Clothes are still wet:• The selected drying time was insufficient. Select a longer time setting.
• Longer time may be needed when the room temperature is 10 "C or less.
• Check that the lint filter is not blocked.
• Check to see that you have read
• Contact the Service Centre if you are still having problems. Write down the model and serial numbers and the date of purchase before you ring.
The Service Centre will need this information.
• You have used wet clothes with “Iron Aid” option.
• The “Iron Aid” program reduces wrinkle on dry laundry only. It is not a drying program.
Isolated wet spots on fabrics after “Iron Aid” cycle completed.• Water pressure too low - please check that the water pressure is between 200 kPa and 800 kPa.
No water goes out from Nozzle, when “Iron Aid ” cycle is selected.• The water tap is closed, please open the water tap.
• The inlet hose is squashed or kinked, please check inlet hose connection.
• The filter in the inlet hose is blocked, please clean the inlet hose filter.
• The Nozzle is clogged, please contact the Service Centre.
• Contact the Service Centre if you are still having problems.
Clothes are slightly damp after using “Iron Aid” cycle.• This is Normal. Iron Aid uses moisture to reduce the wrinkle on fabrics. It is recommended to hang clothes after using this cycle.
• If your laundry feels wet rather than slightly damp, then the household water pressure is too high. You may need to reduce pressure by installing a pressure reducing valve at Mains water connection to the household. This must be done by qualified plumber.
• Note: High water pressure is harmful to all appliances in your household that are connected to the water supply: washing machine, dishwasher... etc.