Bosch dryer error code

Bosch dryer error code E09

Mostly, this error code results from a thermal cut-off. Unplug your dryer, remove the back panel and find the respective button. If it is burning red, press it to test the function. If the problem persists, the belt could have snapped. Replace the belt.

Bosch exxcel washer dryer f18 error

Bosch exxcel washer dryer f18 error

If you see the E18 fault code, it is a draining time out.

Here is a method, which has helped many owners of Bosch washers clear the issue. The problem occurs in the following cases:

1) Blocked filter 

Check the filter. Most likely, it is located in the front bottom part of your Bosch washer. To get to the filter, remove the access panel. Drain remaining water, if any, from your washing machine. Use the small draining hose, which you will see once the access panel is removed.

Put a wide and shallow tray in front of the washer and be sure that the end of the hose is above it. To drain water, open the hose.

The filter may get stuck badly if you do not clear it regularly, because hair and debris accumulate in it and impede water flow. However, if you have reasons to believe the filter is not blocked, unscrew it. Do not do any work barehanded: use gloves or rags. When unscrewing, please, do it very carefully, not too forcefully, because you may damage the cap otherwise. If necessary, use a pair of pliers.

Now that all water is drained, remove the filter. Wash every part of it and remove whatever debris you see on it. Check the area in the machine around the filter as well and clean it, if necessary. Put the filter back in its place, close the panel and run a cycle. If it is still not working properly, this may be due to:

2) Blocked draining hose

The hose is connected to the house sewer system. To check the hose for blockages, remove it and try to check it by blowing it or forcing water through it. Do not bend or twist the hose, because you may damage it this way (there are spare parts on Amazon). Once the blockage (if any) is removed, please, plug the machine back in and run it.

3) Problem with the pump

If you have removed the blockage, or there was not any at all, but the error is still there, there may be a problem in the drain pump. Remove the filter, run the washer and see if the impeller is spinning. If not, the pump may need to be replaced.