Asko dryer troubleshooting

Asko dryer troubleshooting

Has the drying machine stopped working? The reason can be quite simple. With the help of the table of troubleshooting find the cause of equipment failure and learn how to fix it.

If your Asko machine won’t start or is not heating, you can eliminate all problems by using our troubleshooting guide: it describes the most widespread technical errors. Whenever your Asko dryer not spinning or not heating properly, our step-by-step instructions will help – you don’t need to call a technician.

asko dryer reset button

Before you start the troubleshooting process, try pushing the Asko dryer reset button after the dryer cools down. This black button is located on the centre of the back panel: it serves to reset the heating process, but is not mentioned in most manuals.

Asko 7005 dryer troubleshooting

TroubleCauseWhat to do
The washing has not dried as well as expectedThe fuses controlling the drying cabinet have tripped.Check
The temperature and/or time se- lector knobs have not been correctly set.Control the settings
The drying cabinet has been used in a room where the temperature is lower than 0 CTo work normally, the drying cabinet must obligatorily be installed in a room where the temperature is above 0C
Washing has been badly spun or is still very wet.Check what is hanging in the drying cabinet.
Has the washing been hung in the right way?
Has the temperature selector knob been set too low?Control the settings.
Are the ventilation pipe/hose too long?They should not be more than 1 metre long.
The drying cabinet is not giving out any heat even though the temperature se- lector knob is activated.Is it plugged in?Check.
Is the fuse in working order?
Is the right fuse being used?Change to a more resistant fuse.
Is the door of the drying cabinet shut?Check.
Has the START button been properly pressed in (only certain markets)?Press on the button once more.
Has the time selector knob been set?Check.
The temperature limiter has been tripped.Turn the time selector knob back to ’O’ and wait 30 minutes. Then try again by activating the temperature selector knob and, after that, start the fan by turning on the time selector knob.
The temperature limiter is faultyContact Customer Service.

Asko T712 dryer troubleshooting

The machine will not startCheck that the outer door is properly closed.
Check that you have set the program correctly.
Check that the Delayed Start option has not been selected. If so, the time remaining until start will be shown in full hours in the display
Check that any plug is connected.
Check that your home’s fuses (circuit breakers) are intact, swap two circuit breakers. You cannot always tell from outside if a circuit breaker is broken.
Check that the overheating cut-off has not been triggered.
Overheating cut-offThe overheating cut-off shuts off the tumble dryer if the temperature is too high, caused by lint clogging the lint filter, for instance.
Clean the filter.
The overheating cut-off will reset automatically once the machine has cooled.
Drying takes too longMake sure that the tumble dryer has access to more cold air, by opening doors and/or windows, for example

Asko T731, T761 dryer troubleshooting

The machine won’t start.Make sure the door is closed securely
Make sure the Power is turned on
Check that you set the program or time correctly
Check that the electric plug is securely in the socket
Check the house breaker/fuses and the fuses on the back of the dryer
The machine starts but it stops when I release the power buttonThe overheating protection has probably activated
Clean the lint filter and let the machine cool down before trying again
The machine takes too long to dry my laundryCheck that the lint filter is clean
If you use dryer sheets (not recommended), you may need to wash the lint filter with warm water and a soft brush to clean any blocked holes
Be careful not to overload the dryer because the warm air needs sufficient room to circulate properly and the clothes need room to tumble freely
The laundry should only be damp when it comes out of the washer. If it seems too wet, try using a faster or longer spin cycle
Make sure the outside vent exhaust is not blocked
My clothes are coming out wrinkledYou should remove the clothes as soon as the dryer signals the end of the cycle. If you can’t remove the clothes right away, use the Anti-crease option
Dry heavy fabrics together and light fabrics together
Dry only permanent press items together
Dry in smaller loads
Use slower spin speeds
Use fabric softener in the rinse program
You may be using the wrong wash temperature
Try using a lower wash temperature, especially for permanent press and delicate items
The motor is running but the drum isn’t turningThis usually means a belt is broken. Call a servicer
The machine makes a funny noiseA slight rumbling may be heard when you first turn on the dryer. This is normal and it should only last a few seconds

Asko dryer error codes

F1Overfilled Condensate drainInspect condensate reservoir pump and drain tube.
F2Maximum drying time exceeded, about 3 hours.· Inspect for tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse
· Inspect ductwork for lint build-up
· Inspect hi-limit and cycling thermostat
· Inspect heating element
F3Fault Thermistor· Open thermistor, recommended to replace thermistor
·Thermistor improperly wired
F4Large amount of lint in the lint filter, front housing, or in the condenserClean lint from lint filter and condenser
F5Moisture sensor is in fault· Lint covering sensor in front of housing
· Not working sensor
· Sensor improperly wired