Aeg Dryer Troubleshooting

Aeg dryer troubleshooting

Aeg dryer repair can become a nightmare for someone who has just bought this technological thing. But panicking is the worst option you can ever demonstrate. Moreover, it’s going not only to slow down the process os real problem-solving but get on your nerves.The best thing you can do about it is to get acquainted with the troubleshooting guide we attach here. It’s going to become a nice way out of the problem.

Aeg LAVATHERM 96695IH Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeRemedy
The tumble dryer does not operate.The tumble dryer is not connected to mains supply.Connect in at mains socket. Check fuse in fuse box
The loading door is opened.Close the loading door.
The On/Off button was not pushed.Push the On/Off button.
The Start/Pause button was not pushed.Push the Start/Pause button.
The appliance is in the standby mode.Push the On/Off button.
Unsatisfactory drying result.Incorrect programme selection.Do the selection of the applicable programme.
The filter is clogged.Clean the filter.
The Dry Plus option was in minimum level.Change the Dry Plus option to the moderate or maximum level.
Too high volume of the load.Obey the maximum load volume.
The airflow grill is clogged.Clean the airflow grill in the bottom of the appliance.
Dirt on the humidity sensor in the drum.Clean the front surface of the drum.
Incorrect remaining laundry moisture degree.Adjust remaining laundry moisture degree.
The heat exchanger is clogged.Clean the heat exchanger.
The loading door does not closedThe filter not locked in the position.Put the filter in the correct position.
The laundry is locked between the door and the seal.Put the load correctly in the drum.
Err(Error) on the display.You try to change the programme or the option after the start of the cycle.Turn the tumble dryer off and on. Make the new selection.
The option you try to activate is not applicable with the selected programme.Turn the tumble dryer off and on. Make the new selection.

Aeg Minerva Dryer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible solution
The washing results are not satisfactory.Increase the detergent quantity or use a different detergent.
Use special products to remove the stubborn stains before you wash the laundry.
Make sure that you set the correct temperature.
Decrease the laundry load.
The washing cycle is shorter than the time displayed.The appliance calculates a new time according to the laundry load.
The washing cycle is longer than the time displayed.An unbalanced laundry load increases the duration time. This is a normal behaviour of the appliance.
After a steam programme, garments are partially wet.Make sure that the appliance is accurately levelled. Adjust the appliance by raising or lowering the feet.
After a steam programme, garments are not sufficiently smooth.Make sure that you set a correct STEAM programme.
The appliance does not dry or does not dry correctly.Make sure the air filters are not clogged.
Make sure the drain filter is not clogged.
Make sure you have set the correct cycle. If necessary, set a short drying time again.
The drying cycle is too long.Make sure the air filters are properly cleaned.
Make sure your laundry load does not exceed the declared load for the set programme.
Make sure that the room temperature is in the correct range.
The laundry is full of different colours fluff.Set a drying cycle to remove some fluff
Clean the laundry with a fluff remover.
There is a big quantity of fluff in the drum.In case of an excessive amount of fluff in the drum, run the special programme to clean it